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How to Edit the Website - For Kiwanis Club of Corvallis Members Only


Please contact Hal Brown (webmaster/website developer) at:   to request any
 major changes.

Content updates can be requested by Hal Brown or

Barbara Malloy at



To establish a login:
  1. Find/use the "Register/Reset Password" link at the bottom of the Login page.
  2. Enter the email address listed in the Kiwanis Directory, and a password of your chosing.
To edit the website:
  1. Get Hal to grant you website editing permissions. 

    Hal Brown -
  2. Click the "Admin" link that now appears at the bottom left navigation pane of the "" page. Log out and log in again if you don't see this: it looks like a badge-shaped icon.
  3. Click "Public website editor" at the top of the page that appears.
  4. Select a page on the left or choose "Manage Pages" to select a page to edit.
  5. Click the "Edit" link where it appears toward the top of the page.

           DO NOT CLICK "Delete."
  6. Use the gray editor controls that appear at the top of the page to change the content.
  7. Click Save and Publish toward the bottom of the page when you are ready.
  8. You may be able to click "Admin Tools" at the top-right if you are lost.



  • 3/9/14: Upon logging in, scroll down to Admin at the bottom of the left-hand pane to gain access to the website editor function. Then Select the "Public website editor" at the top of the page that opens. Click Admin Tools at the top-right of the page if you need to get back to where you can choose a page to edit under Manage Pages. It's not a very intuitive interface.  --- If the Admin badge does not show up, you will need to be granted editing privileges. See above. ----
  • 1/5/14: Things have changed - There is a new version of the system. The appearance of the editor has changed, and some functions are accessed differently, but the instructions below should be roughly adequate. I'll make updates to these instructions when I'm able. Hal.
  • See the page at for centralized instructions for using the system. 
  • This page of instructions gets increasingly more technical the farther down you go...
  • This system is known as a Content Management System, or "CMS". This means that you can log in to the system and edit the web pages through the same web browser based interface you use to view the web pages. The only difference is that a gray bar with editor buttons appears at the top of the page, and the content of the web page becomes editable using the controls in the editor bar. This is somewhat similar to a word processor or Adobe Dreamweaver or Microsoft Frontpage, if that helps. FYI, the CMS our system is based on is Telerik Sitefinity. You don't need to know this to use the system!
  • The company that provides our web hosting service and developed the framework for these pages has a new name: Portalbuzz. Many references still exist in the help documents and videos to "Club Resource Inc" and "KiwanisOne." See the links below for help docs and videos.
  • Remember to either check the Publish Immediately box above before saving, or click the Publish Page button in the gray bar at the top after saving a page to make your changes go live.
  • Don't be surprised if things don't work exactly as you expect while you're editing - there are many funky little idiosyncrasies (and/or bugs) here and there in the user interface. Accept them with grace and good humor. It might be a good idea to save your work regularly.

Brief Notes on How to Edit the Website:

  • Click Member Login (at bottom of left navigation bar)

  • Sign In with your Kiwanis Club of Corvallis E-mail address and Password. Click Login button.

  • Click Public Website Content (left navigation bar)

  • Click Edit Public Website (main content pane at bottom of box)

  • Click Edit Page in gray menu at top of main section to edit front page, or Manage Pages to edit other pages.

  • Click Save Page at bottom, or Cancel if you need to escape without saving.

  • ctrl-z should work for undo…

  • Click Publish Page when ready to go live with your changes.

  • Logout by clicking "To Portal" in gray menu bar to get to a page where you can click Logout at the upper right.

To add a hyperlink to a page within the website, or to simply copy a link to a page within the website:

  1. Go to Manage Pages in the gray bar at the top.
  2. Click the link icon (blue linked circles) to the right of the name of the page you want to see.
  3. Click, drag (carefully - don't drag too far and pick up junk past the beginning) and copy the address for the page in the blue highlighted area that becomes available. Click again in the blue area to deselect.
  4. Paste that address into the hyperlink.

This technique can also be used to show a page that does not yet have a link in the left-hand navigation menu, as long has the page has been published.

Note: Be careful when publishing a newly-created page: you may be forced to assign the page to a navigation menu item; if you are not ready to have it appear in the navigation menu, you can to to "Edit Menu" in the gray bar at the top and delete the newly created page - this will delete it only from the navigation menu, while preserving the page in the "Manage Pages" system for further development and eventual assignment to the navigation menu or inclusion to a hyperlink in another page.


There is a SPECIAL PROCEDURE FOR EDITING THE HOME PAGE. Please see the file called "Home Page HTML Code" in the CMS system for more information.

It's okay to edit the home page using the normal editor in the system if necessary; just take really good note on what you change so that they can be replicated by the webmaster using the special procedure.

Click on To Portal in the upper right of the gray bar at the top to find more instructions and videos showing how to edit pages, etc.

Note the style guide at:
-  Clicking the "Website Editing How-to <> "link in the navigation bar at the lower left, or  
-  Clicking the "Member Login <> " link  in the navigation bar at the lower left,
     clicking on the "Member Resources" tab at the top, and
     clicking the "Marketing & PR" link in the navigation bar on the left
     clicking the "Graphics and images" link in the "QUICK LINKS" menu on the right
     clicking on the "Kiwanis brand guide" link in the COMMUNICATIONS page that comes up


Official Help Pages (new tab / window)



YouTube Videos:
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Part 2:


KiwanisOne Knowledgebase: 



An instructional video on how to use the PayPal controls is available at:
Follow the last one very closely - step by step; it's not intuitive or obvious.


event Berry Sale
  • After sale is over, take sale page offline (by commenting out HTML code)
  • Then add header comment to home page with reminder of pick up date
  • After pickup date has passed, change header comment on home page to remind people of late pickup date
  • Thank you Hal.  I think next year we need to work on the paypal site to have the pick-up person’s name entered and a phone number for contact.  We had two business names with no way to call.  The people picking up forgot….  We can also use the site to give the location and date of the alternate pick-up day if we can update website after noon on the Saturday.  Barbara 


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An instructional video on how to use the PayPal controls is available at:

An instructional video on how to use the PayPal controls is available at: